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Topcat Medical Placements

Is a leading physician, dentists,  executive and advanced practice recruitment firm that connect the most progressive hospitals, clinics and medical groups with the most qualified, career-minded candidates. Our clients consist of academic medical centers, integrated delivery systems, multispecialty and single specialty practices nationwide.


Topcat Medical Placements

is incredibly efficient, with a refreshingly clean approach to talent attraction.

Experience the recruiting strategy that has changed the nurse practitioner recruiting industry; from building helpful communities to providing excellent resources, Topcat Consultants Medical Placements has the means to be your Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses  Dental Hygienists recruiters!

All our available nurses

Internship Abroad

Each year, over 1.8 million* talented, ambitious university students graduate and seek employment in a weakening global economy; this translates to more people competing for fewer career-level jobs. As you transition out of university, how will you position yourself to stand out from the crowd and succeed in getting the job you want, when you want it?

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