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Topcat Medical Placements (TCMP) is a division of Topcat Consulting LLC. Topcat Medical Placements is a privately own and full-service healthcare permanent placement firm designed to identify qualified talent for permanent placement within the medical industry. We find and deliver the most eligible candidates to clients nationwide.  We work closely with both our clients and veterans to ensure that we meet the vets’ expectations while fulfilling our clients’ needs. 

 Our staffing services include all aspects of the professional medical industry permanent placements direct hire. In this manner, we can meet a diverse array of medical requirements on both the employers’ and associates’ behalf. 

 Areas of expertise include advising a diverse clientele to meet their specialized needs. We consider TCMP to be the premier source for businesses to locate and hire skilled, quality personnel while providing astute guidance to ensure each client is completely satisfied. We focus our placements primarily in the healthcare arenas. 


Topcat Medical Placements specializes in helping employers by providing direct hire contracts for US Veterans with Medical classifications, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, and the National Board of Physicians personnel. All our candidates are EPIX software system certified, certified veterinarian technicians, and licensed veterinarians. Our recruiters are on-call 24/7 to facilitate every aspect of the staffing process. Using cutting-edge software, we can match your need with the best selection of Topcat Medical Placements candidates. 


  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • Building and maintaining long-lasting relationships

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of and Hands-On Experience working with the U.S. Military and

  • Federal, State, and Local Governmental agencies

  • Unique ability to assist veterans’ transition from military to civilian life

  • Strong locally-based recruiting and placement

  • Competitive staffing options and pricing

  • Personal and Professional Expertise and Capabilities in the Industry

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